Decorative Concrete Curbing

Rooted Curbside

offers a unique, fully customizable solution to sharpening up your landscaping and takes it to the next level. With multiple profiles and textures to choose from, landscape curbing provides a crisp clean and decorative look to any border in your yard. From a small garden bed in the front yard to enclosing a play area for the children, the applications are endless!




What is Decorative Concrete Curbing?

          Decorative Concrete Curbing is a continuously poured in place low profile stamped curb that accents garden beds, pathways, patios, driveways and many more. The process is simple with no need for formwork or costly labor. The concrete is mixed on site and poured with an extruder through the chosen profile which is then troweled and finished to the desired look. They can be any color to match the existing landscape or to match the colors of your house to give you a seamless look.


Why Decorative Curbing compared to other edging?

        Compared to other edging types, curbing does not break down over time, does not become brittle and break and does not rust. It is re-enforced with a continuous steel cable during extruding for longevity and strength and is unobtrusive to the landscape around it. Installation time is quick and can be completed in a day or two. It is completely customizable to your landscape with many colors and styles to choose from.


What is the process?

          The process for booking a consultation to completion of your new garden accent is quite seamless and pain-free! With Rooted Curbsides’ self-booking software, you can choose a day and time that works best for you to discuss your dreams and desires for your landscape. We will offer suggestions on colors and styles, look at environmental factors including drainage, base materials and weed barrier. Once we have decided on all factors, we will then book you in.

         Installation is also seamless. When we show up, we will spray out the curb location and remove any organics from the area, install any base material needed and weed barrier. The concrete is mixed in a specialized trailer and transported by wheelbarrow to the extruder machine. We extrude the concrete through the desired profile which is then troweled, colored, stamped and sealed. All this in less than a day or two depending on the length.


Key Benefits of Landscape Curbing:

- Improvement in the home’s value
- Reduction of the cost involved in lawn maintenance
- Root barrier
- Reduces the trimming time
- Leaving the existing landscaping undisturbed
- Comparable overall cost to other edging
- Completely customizable



    Carved Stone Coming Summer of 2021!